The Squak Gang gets involved in outreach and educational events in the area.  Here on our SCIENCES pages you will find a nice overview of many of the objects we find in the night sky.  Included are fun facts and figures on the sun, the moon and the planets, along with explanations of what many deep space objects are.

Want more educational astronomy information and topics?  Squaker Ted has produced dozens of short educational videos on all kinds of astronomy topics.  They cover the science, the telescopes, historical figures and discoveries, what to find in the night sky this month and more.  They are geared for the entire family to enjoy, so they make a great educational tool for teachers, but adults will also learn a lot from them.  Additionally, the Milky Way News is a monthly news source containing written articles about breaking news in the field of astronomy from around the world.


Mars and Moon photos credit: NASA, Hourglass photo credit: ESO, Sun photo credit: Ted Cook

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