To properly view the cosmos, one must have the basic essentials handy.  Our extensive research in the universe has determined that there are three items that most all stargazers need. These are a telescope (although the naked eye will do in a pinch), a good star map and a dry martini.  These essentials are outlined below in greater detail.


A telescope may be obtained from any reputable telescope dealer or if you like, you may fabricate your own.  For more information, see our LINKS PAGE.....


Very Important - or how the heck do you know what you are looking at. A good star map may be obtained from the same place you got your telescope or from any good book store.  The most comprehensive selection of star maps may be obtained from the General Printing House located on the fourth planet orbiting Betelgeuse.


Usually your viewing site is not located near a good lounge or bar, and since transporting martinis any distances is not good for them, we have put a martini recipe here so you can mix your own right at the viewing site.  Unlike the other two essentials, the martini can be used on overcast nights.  Happy Star Gazing!


(May also be used as a petrol substitiute for your spacecraft)

Place one measure of Skyy Vodka and one equal measure of Bombay Sapphire Gin in an ice filled martini shaker and shake really well.  Strain the mixture into a large martini glass and carefully add a small dash of blue curaco liqueur.  Do Not Stir.  A small piece of lemon or lime peel may be added.


It has been noted that after several 'Rocket Fuels', telescopes are no longer needed to see stars.

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