Who are these mysterious beings called the "Squakers"?


What does a gang of them do?


Read on to find out..........

The Wize Ones

Who We Are

The Squak Mountain Telescope Gang is a bunch of folks who get a kick out of looking into the sky. We enjoy viewing the cosmos, seeing such things as the various Star Clusters and the Nebulas scattered throughout the universe. Even though some of us do attend Astronomy meetings, we are no where near an Astronomy Society. We are more like a social group that enjoys going out and looking up there at the sights. Some of us own telescopes and others do not. Our name comes from Squak Mountain in Issaquah, Washington, the lofty mountain on which the Wize Ones who accidentally started this group reside.

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What We Do Not Do

We do not hold scheduled meetings, have officers, keep minutes, or collect dues.

What We Do

We have Squakings

We get together when the sky is clear (not too often in western Washington) and we feel like getting out to observe the universe. We have and will again hold "street side" Star Parties for the general public, usually in co-operation with the Issaquah Parks Department or local schools. We get together via telephone and e-mail contact to set an event.


Grand Poupa de Cougar


Membership is open to anyone in the universe desiring to have fun with our gang. A member can obtain "Fellow" status, or other title, whenever the Wize Ones are struck with divine insight to do so.

Ted at the controls of Gil's Meade.

COOL ASTRONOMY STUFF Squakers are doing.

 Check it out!

Squaker Ted Cook has produced dozens of short educational videos on a lot of different astronomy topics.  Science, History, Stargazing, and more.


Squaker Jonathan Fay has been constructing a backyard observatory. To view Jonathan's work check out his web site.


Squaker Tom Gwilym has his own Astro-Shack where he produces astonishing photos of the cosmos.


Inside sources inform me that Gil is working on a new backyard project. The photo to the left was secretly taken in Gil's backyard.

General Dictionary of SQUAK Terms

Squgg: A verb transitive.

Meaning: To hold close, embrace, place one's arms around another while participating in a Squaking.


Squaking: A noun.

Meaning: A meeting of a group with no members held on occasion in a darkened place where very little is accomplished.

Laboratory clothing and peculiar hats are often worn by group elders.

All in all an unusual activity generally only practiced by Squakers about whom there is very little known.


Squak: Possibly a noun

A loud and somewhat irritating "Squaaaakkkk" sound made at a Squaking and also emitted from the back row at SAS meetings.

Squakers invade Table Mountain Star Party

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